Posted by: Downtown Residents Association Windsor | April 8, 2012

Meeting on Lodging Houses at Bedford United Church

Meeting on Lodging Houses

at Bedford United Church


A group of local homeowners will be hosting this meeting/open house. The City administration recently held their own open house on lodging houses at City Hall on March 29th, but it appeared to have been poorly attended. This neighbourhood meeting will begin at 7:00 PM on Tuesday April 10, 2012 at the Bedford United Church at 3340 Sandwich Street, West Windsor (between Brock and Chippawa). A large parking lot behind the church is accessible off Russell Street. The neighbourhood meeting/open house will present to you much more information than the City’s open house. There will be an informative presentation of many topics, including an in-depth exploration of the by-laws, regulations and other methods that other Ontario university cities are using right now to address the same issues seen in Windsor. After the presentation, there will be a question and comment period and you will be welcome to examine printed information displays from the City’s open house. The same official comment forms offered at the City’s open house will be available for you to fill in. These forms will be collected as you leave the open house and presented to the City by the meeting organizers. You may be interested to know that the following underlined statements are from the City’s own information displays. There are currently 36 licensed lodging houses in the City of Windsor. 12 are Class I Lodging Houses and the remaining 24 are Class 2 Lodging houses. However, there may be many more lodging houses in operation without license. In the 2004 [Planning Department] study, it was estimated that 500 lodging houses are concentrated in the Randolph Ave., Riverside Dr. West, Huron Church Rd., and Tecumseh Rd. West area. Please tell your neighbours about this valuable opportunity to learn more about an important issue that affects our neighbourhood For more information send your e-mail to


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