Posted by: Downtown Residents Association Windsor | August 6, 2017

All-downtown-resident meeting this coming Wednesday, August 9th

The Downtown Neighbourhood Project is a joint-committee formed by the DRA and the DWCC. The project is working on unifying and enhancing both the identify and advocacy of the diverse areas of our downtown.

Residents meeting aug9The DNP joint-committee will be holding an all-downtown-resident meeting this coming Wednesday, August 9th at 6pm in the gym of the YMCA.

This meeting will be host presentations from various stake-holders and social agents that have an immediate impact on downtown living.  This will be followed by a series of round-table discussion on issues and ideas for our downtown area.
The DNP will conclude this meeting, presenting the project and its initial framework.  We will be collecting feedback from residents and names of community leaders that we will seek out to collaborate with as this project continues.


  1. As a resident directly affected in the 600-700 block of Victoria I hope you don’t put us at little tables to discuss this in small groups and write ideas on chart paper – been there – done this many times before – The outcomes are often generalized statements that are so called ‘consensus’ do not reflect expectations of those immediately affected by the problem. This usually goes nowhere and is often used to manipulate outcomes that are not that of the immediate stakeholders. I do not want to see the outcome of this meeting as putting words in the residents mouths. BTW Maybe we need another Mayor’s Ward 3 walkabout in this vicinity instead of Jackson Park.

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